1 Sep 2019

Ask a Brunswick, GA Family Law Attorney – How long does an uncontested divorce take?

When you’re in the process of getting a divorce, you want it to be as quick and painless as possible. After all, we’ve all heard nightmare stories of people taking years to finalize their divorce proceedings, and no one wants to go through that. How can you avoid spending all of your time and money on your divorce? By getting an uncontested divorce.

In an uncontested divorce case, you will work with your spouse to settle the terms of your divorce and then, you will communicate the settlement terms to your Brunswick, GA divorce attorney. If you and your spouse can agree on everything, your divorce process can be relatively short. It depends on the details of your case, but in Georgia, the average uncontested divorce only takes between 45 and 60 days from the filing to finalize. Of course, if you and your spouse can’t come to an agreement, you’ll be forced to go through the more traditional divorce process, which will definitely take more time and more money to complete.

What issues will you and your spouse have to agree on in order to move through the process swiftly? It can include, but is not limited to:

• Dividing property
• Separating other assets like retirement accounts, stocks, or other investments
• Child custody and visitation
• Possibly alimony

If you and your spouse, can reach an agreement about all of these issues, you could be divorced within two months. That’s good news for you, your spouse, and your wallet. And if you need any assistance, that’s what I’m here for. As a local Brunswick, GA family law attorney, I’ve spent more than 20 years helping members of my community with their legal issues, and I’m here to help you too. All you have to do is give me a call, and we can discuss your uncontested divorce.

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