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It goes without saying that divorce is one of the most difficult experiences anyone can ever go through. The emotional and financial fallout takes a toll on every aspect of life, from work to relationships with friends, kids, and family members. On top of the anxiety and hurt, you must also deal with dividing your household and breaking up property you have likely spent years accumulating.

When you are facing the breakup of your marriage, you need a divorce attorney who cares about more than legal fees. At J. Alan Welch Law, I believe that people going through a divorce are best served by a divorce lawyer focused on building relationships. My approach involves really listening to my clients – their goals, their background, and the reasons why their marriage is ending. I combine knowledge of the law with compassion for the people I represent.

Trusted Financial Advice When You Need It Most

Perhaps no other area of law has such a significant impact on your financial well-being than divorce. A divorce touches every asset, from retirement benefits to real estate. When people come to me, they are overwhelmed at the prospect of dividing property, assigning debts, and distributing money. Business owners are concerned about safeguarding their livelihood. Mature adults are worried about draining their savings and retirement accounts. Clients with kids are anxious about preserving assets for future generations.

Whatever you’re facing, I have the experience to help you navigate the tricky waters of asset division. I have handled cases that involve a variety of financial complexities. Together, we will tackle each asset and every account step by step to ensure you maintain economic stability throughout the divorce process and beyond.

Reliable Counsel for the Things That Matter to You

Although asset division is one of the most important aspects of any divorce, these cases also involve important personal matters, such as child custody and ongoing financial stability. This is an area that separates the good lawyers from the bad. As a family law practitioner, I never forget that my clients are dealing with much more than just money. I help people during times of crisis in their lives.

Child Custody

Custody disputes are among the most emotionally draining areas in divorce. In some cases, family dynamics dictate that the kids will be better off with one parent versus the other. I work with my clients to build a child custody and visitation agreement that is practical, fair, and in the children’s best interest. I also work closely with experts in the psychology, social work, and counseling fields to give clients additional support and peace of mind.

Child Support – Implementation, Modification, and Enforcement

In Georgia, child support is calculated according to a formula established by state law. I routinely help clients file motions to establish, modify, or enforce child support orders.

Spousal Support

Courts in Georgia consider a number of factors when deciding whether to award spousal support. Much like child support, I assist clients with establishing, modifying, and enforcing these funds.

I would highly recommend Alan Welch. I first worked with him to resolve a domestic issue. He was my 3rd attorney, and was able to resolve the case in about 30 days. He made the other attorney, a state’s attorney, look like a novice! With his help, I won my case in record time at a reasonable cost. He also did a fantastic job with my real estate transaction. His team did their homework before we got to the closing table. There were no surprises, and it was a seamless experience!


Preparation and Results

Unlike many divorce lawyers in Brunswick, I believe in preparing for every scenario. Because a fair amount of divorce cases settle well before trial, some family law firms fail to prepare for litigation, thinking that it will never come up. This is a big mistake. Without thorough trial preparation, the client is vulnerable to last-minute surprises and pressure tactics from the other side. Furthermore, failure to prepare for court makes the attorney more inclined to pressure the client to accept an unfavorable settlement offer.

From the moment I take a case, I prepare for any outcome, whether that includes negotiation or assertive trial advocacy. Although I don’t believe in charging forward with blind aggression no matter the cost, I also believe that divorce clients deserve the same level of preparation as any client in any area of law. Rather than assume settlement is a given, I use my resources to prepare a cost-effective and efficient case strategy designed to achieve the very best results for each client.

Serving Clients and Their Families

Although divorce is never easy, the legal process does not have to be hard. For over 20 years, I have represented clients during the most difficult times of their lives. If you are facing a divorce, I welcome the opportunity to provide you with affordable, effective representation so you can get through your divorce and get on with your life. Call my office today at (912) 265-9811 to set up a consultation.

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