15 Feb 2019

Knee Replacements Put Georgia Patients at Risk of Hip Fractures

Did you know more than 700,000 Americans receive a total knee replacement every year? If you have undergone knee replacement surgery, you may be at an increased risk of suffering a hip fracture and should contact a Georgia medical malpractice attorney.

In fact, individuals who had knee replacements had a four percent higher risk of sustaining a hip fracture compared to people who did not. Additionally, those with knee replacements saw a 19 percent increased risk of suffering a spinal fracture. A recent study also confirmed that 3,221 patients  had undergone knee replacement surgery due to osteoarthritis.

Recalls of Knee and Hip Implants

Although knee and hip implants can greatly improve a person’s quality of life, not all medical devices and implants are safe. Unfortunately, many have been recalled after causing serious morbidity and even death. Finding out your knee or hip replacement is defective can be a devastating blow when you went through such a big surgery in an effort to reclaim your mobility. These are not easy or routine surgeries. When patients discover they need a revision, they are understandably upset and angry and need a medical malpractice lawyer in Georgia to help them.

In recent years, numerous knee and hip implants have been pulled from the market due to complications and defects. In 2013, for example, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Class I recall of the DePuy knee joint component. This is the most serious type of recall the FDA issues, and the agency only issues this high level recall when a drug or medical device poses a reasonable probability of serious adverse health consequences or death.

Patients who received defective knee and hip implants have suffered numerous complications, including fractures, infections, limited mobility, swelling, stiffness, and other health problems. Many have been forced to stop working because they struggle with daily activities, such as walking and sitting.

Georgia Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you have experienced complications after a total knee replacement or hip replacement surgery, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other damages. The law in this area is extremely complex. Don’t wait to speak to a GA medical malpractice attorney. As a lawyer and licensed pharmacist, I have earned a reputation for helping clients pursue justice for injuries caused by dangerous and defective medical implants. Contact my office today at (912) 265-9811 to discuss your case.

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