8 Jun 2015

Passing a Garbage Truck Improperly Can Get You Stuck With a Big Fine Under New Georgia Law

Nobody likes to get stuck behind a garbage truck, or a bus, or any large, slow-moving vehicle that makes lots of stops. When you find yourself in that position, you will understandably try at the earliest opportunity to get around and in front of the hulking machine that is keeping you from getting where you need to go.

As of July 1 in Georgia, if you are stuck behind a garbage truck, you could find yourself stuck with a ticket and a hefty fine if you try to pass the wrong way. In an effort to protect sanitation workers, Georgia legislators passed House Bill 206. Now, when you come up on a vehicle with active sanitation workers that is displaying flashing yellow, amber, white, or red lights, you risk a $250 fine if you pass the garbage truck unless you do so in one of these two ways:

  • By making a lane change into a lane not adjacent to the vehicle if possible in the existing safety and traffic conditions;
  • If a lane change as described above would be impossible, prohibited by law, or unsafe, by reducing the speed of your car to at least ten miles per hour less than the posted speed limit or 25 miles per hour, whichever is more, and being prepared to stop.

So, you can still get around that Georgia garbage truck, you just have to do so with a little more attention to detail.

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