When the Unexpected Happens. None of us wake up in the morning thinking we’re going to get hurt in an accident; none of us go the doctor or the pharmacist believing that our visit will leave us in worse shape than when we arrived; and none of us approach our wedding day envisioning a divorce. But the unexpected happens. When it does, you have questions that need to be answered, concerns that need to be addressed, and rights that need to be protected.

I’m attorney J. Alan Welch, and for over 20 years I’ve been helping my neighbors in Brunswick, Glynn County, and surrounding communities through some of the toughest challenges they will ever face.

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While no lawyer can promise you a particular result, I can pledge that from the minute you call me for your free initial consultation to the moment your matter is concluded, I will provide you with:

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My law firm, J. Alan Welch Law, has been providing exceptional legal representation in our community for years. Call my office at (912) 265-9811 to discuss your case. I provide this first consultation at no charge, and your information is strictly confidential. I look forward to the opportunity to assist you.